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Is it best to use semi gloss or high gloss paint on kitchen cabinets and/or bathrooms walls?

We are painting a new home and have a designer who suggests using high gloss paint in our bathrooms and on the paint grade kitchen cabinets (for easier cleaning). Our painter says that semi-gloss is better. Who's right?Is it best to use semi gloss or high gloss paint on kitchen cabinets and/or bathrooms walls?
Actually, the finish is not so important as the type...there are now many paints available in eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss finishes that are VERY tolerant of high moisture and repeated scrubbing. They are formulated for use in ';high risk'; areas like children's bedrooms... There's a lot of great info at this site...happy painting鈥?/a>Is it best to use semi gloss or high gloss paint on kitchen cabinets and/or bathrooms walls?
With high gloss, you will see every bump and ding on the surface. Also, high gloss is the hardest of all sheens to use. Personally I also dont really care for high gloss, it's very...hmm...90's

I'd go with a medium sheen. Easier to make a medium sheen look really good.

You can see some pics at

semi gloss withstands cleaning better
semi will work,but for hard use areas that are washed often high gloss is your best bet
Both are correct; however, your painter is trying to save you money. Semi-gloss is less expensive. It cleans just as well as the gloss. Unless you love bright, almost glaring, I would suggest using semi-gloss.
I started using high gloss on everything a few years ago and

in my opinion it's better in several obvious ways. It costs a couple bucks more per gallon but is worth it.
You will not be happy with high gloss. It doesn't look right and it picks up all imperfections. The semi-gloss will clean up nicely and look oh so much better. If you want a modern glassy look go with the high-gloss but I'm telling you now that you will regret it!
I don't like to use full gloss on walls. It catches the light and shows all the defects - seams, tiny nail marks - everything.

The kitchen cabinets should be O.K. for full gloss.
Check out


Both are brands of paint and have tons of tips and many interesting things that can assistant you
they make paints that will resist mold. Check at hardware store.
The glossier a paint is the better it will hold up to scrubbing. Most people use a satin finish or glossier in the bath and kitchen. If you go with a flatter paint then you should paint the area around the light switches %26amp; electrical plugs (and any other likely stain spots) at least 3 or 4 times.
Semi gloss in more maintainable for sure. In the bathroom use a mould repellant paint semi gloss.

High gloss paint reflects a lot of light therefore show all fingerprints etc, and no doubt your kitchen has a fair bit of light and you shouldnt have to squit or wear sunglasses in your kitchen. You should be able to relax in your home.
We used flat paint for our bathroom and it looks great. Very zen, and chic - like a spa. The expert at the paint store recommended using semi-gloss, but then secretly admitted that she used matte paint on her bathroom too! We've never had a problem with it. Semi-gloss is good for kitchen cabinets.
well semi gloss is not so much a really glossy gloss and a high gloss is so if you are painting a cabinet i would go with a semi gloss!!!!
When i was remodeling my home few years ago i had same problem with people telling me what is right and what was wrong so its hard to decide one way or another at times but I went with this in my kitchen i had a spray painter at a body and paint shop do my cabinets with automotive paint it was a bit expensive at the time but it was the best thing i had ever done they were beautiful showed no marks but my cabinets were removeable and easy to send over you may check with someone about that if you want them to last a long time. The cabinets were all wood though. As for my bathroom and kitchen walls in my place we had a bit of standing water on the ground during the winter so i was told to use an additive to combat that but i didnt and used gloss and it was fine and still is but i did use same in another room of the house and it wasnt one with water near it and did get some spotting on the walls so that is totally up to you on the way you go. Hope that helps. IF all else fails listen to a pro painter.

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